About Me

Hello! My name is Sydney Angus of Rochester, NY. I am studying Movement and Play-based Learning at SUNY Geneseo. I am passionate about physical activity, I love to find unique ways to exercise and bring movement into my own life. I have a curiosity to learn more about how our minds work and develop.  Throughout my life I have participated in a variety of activities and sports and have realized they have played a vital role in my social, emotional and cognitive development.

I decided to create this major because it connected my passion for physical activity, my interests in the field of psychology and my love for working with children and helping in their growth and development. My portfolio is a outline my learning experience and a place to share my research and findings.

My hope for my learning experience is to gain knowledge about the connection between physical activity and social, emotional and cognitive skills in school age children.  I hope to be able to create a project outlining many activities and how they can be used to support children’s development socially, emotionally and cognitively. I hope my ISM will lead me to many fun experiences that turn into learning and growth for both myself, other child care providers and for the children.