ISM Courses

My ISM – Movement and Play-Based Learning has three essential disciplines which are: Early Childhood Education, Psychology and Sociology and Movement Electives. Additionally, I have a minor in Human Development. Originally, I was an Early Childhood Education major but decide to change my major to expand my career options and to add in my interests of physical activity and psychology. This interdisciplinary study will allow me to combine my passions to be used to help unique learners and facilitate growth for myself and others.

Early Childhood Education

The education course I took have given me information on how to construct, implement, and assess lessons and activities to effectively teach young children in inclusive and diverse environments. This knowledge will help me find and design activities that are aimed at improving young children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills. As well as creating a safe environment for all children, their families and how to connect my findings to my community.

  • ECED 352 – Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC 351 – Teaching Young Children
  • ECED 354 – Family and Community
  • ECED 355- Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Classrooms
  • EDUC 326 – Classroom Management in the Elementary School

Psychology/ Sociology

My psychology courses will give me a deeper understanding into the developing brains of young children. This will help me know the social, emotional and cognitive skills of children at different ages. I will be able to apply this information to create age appropriate activities that work with their mental processes to improve these skills.

  • PSYC 202 – Educational Psychology
  • SOC 245 – Sociology of Sports
  • PSYC 321 – Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 268 – Health Psychology

Movement Elective Courses

The movement electives will allow me to experience the benefits of physical activities. By getting to feel the benefits of these activities will give me ideas for potential future activities.

  • DANC 100 – Introduction to Dance
  • H& PE 209 – Varsity Track and Field